After 18 months of working with Kim, sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a month; I had rebuilt my life into a position where I was so strong both physically and mentally, that I moved to Australia on my own and started my own business there. I now own, run and manage my own gym, showing other people their real potential, living the best version of themselves. I’m extremely grateful for Kim’s work and I wouldn’t have the life I have today without her”

Matt Davey, Australia


 “As a coach, her ability to help you clear the fog and find your own way is phenomenal and her calm, relaxed nature is a great reassurance. I have been lucky to attend a number of Kim’s workshops and retreats, both in the UK and abroad. They are so well organised and cater for everyone’s needs and abilities. In summary, Kim is an amazingly balanced person, with an abundance of love and kindness” 

Emma Shipstone, Nottinghamshire


I would like you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying your yoga class.   I feel totally relaxed and ‘centred’ after spending an hour or so following your gentle guidance.Your class is like no other that I have tried before as you neither rush or expect your clients to be gymnasts!!! 

Ria C, Nottingham


“You have a wonderful way of softly leading the group and being part of the group whilst still maintaining a space for us to find our own way. You were there if we needed you and allowed us space if not. This is a very special skill and you’ve got it perfected brilliantly!” 

Rachel E, Derbyshire

“After our session, I came home and felt a wave of relief. Thank you Kim, the session went beyond my expectations”

Dawn, Nottingham