Essence™ Forgiveness Workshop





The Open-Door Natural Therapy Centre, 10a Gordon Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham

‘Forgiveness, which always includes self-forgiveness, is the most powerful tool there is for self-healing.’ (Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Secret Garden)

How you will benefit from the workshop:

  • Understand why willingness to forgive can be an important step towards your freedom.
  • You will know how to clean up any blame or resentment without condoning what others have done.
  • You will be guided through a powerful forgiveness process which will release you from any unresolved issue you choose (there is no need to share with the group if you don’t want to).


Is there anything or anyone in your life with whom you have unfinished business? How would it be for you if you could free yourself so you can move forward in your life with greater ease and flow?

In this afternoon workshop with a maximum of six people in the group, you will have the opportunity to explore forgiveness and how it can benefit your health and vitality.

There are many ways that forgiveness can have a profound effect on your life, and we will be discovering that as well as forgiving others, forgiving yourself can be one of the greatest acts of power and healing.

Any act of forgiveness deepens and heals the relationship with yourself, it is a journey into true friendship with all of who you are, and all that is in existence.

(Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Secret Garden)

I have trained in the Essence™ Forgiveness process with Joy Hicklin-Bailey of Secret Garden and I have reaped huge benefits in my own life. I feel more fully alive and deeply in touch with myself. Now I want to share my learnings with you as I facilitate this inspiring afternoon.

To book contact: Kim Rossi (email: or tel: 07940 311061)