Nourishing the Yin


Let yourself rest so the body can reset itself

Drop into the Heart of Winter

In Chinese Medicine Theory this is the time of year where the invitation is to go inside, rest and reflect.

It is said that whatever is happening in nature is also happening in your body and being. In the winter, the organs of Bladder and Kidney are the organs associated with the Water element which is the most Yin.

‘Life is all about balance’

To ensure that water is balanced in our bodies, it’s important to nourish our  Chi and circulation and ensure that we are calm and relaxed to enable the energy to move freely.

When you listen to your own rhythm and flow, you can understand that it is more beneficial for you and your health to let everything go once in a while.

Resting in that deep stillness inside of you will reap huge rewards on your health and vitality. You will feel more balanced and centred and it has a healing effect on the nervous system.

So listen to the inner voice that calls you to lie down, kick off your shoes and let go …..