Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops  and personal sessions to help you thrive in the Modern World.

I regularly hold Mindfulness and Meditation workshops as well as Workshops in the Corporate sector and one to one sessions via Skype or in person at my office in West Bridgford. (see Events page for the next one coming up).

Because the world is very busy with many responsibilities and pressures, people can lose touch with themselves and get drawn into the rollercoaster of life.

In my workshops, I give you space to feel into your own circumstances, so you can make choices which are more beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

I will teach you tools and exercises which you can take into your everyday life so you can create more spaciousness, more stillness, more peace and calm.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about awareness of your thoughts, your feelings and your bodily reactions in any given moment. What most of us don’t realise is that we are either living in the past or in the future in our heads.

Understanding that you are in control of every choice you make

So for example, you may look in the mirror at yourself and because of fears you have about aging and projections about the future, you actually go visibly looking for wrinkles. You can change your perception in a moment by looking at yourself with new eyes because inside of you there is immense potential for beauty and acceptance. Rather than making yourself feel miserable by looking for what’s not right, you can start to look and really ‘see’ that you are really okay exactly as you are, and that is your point of power.

‘Every single thought you think is being listened to by every cell in your body so what are you telling yourself?’

 Mindfulness is something you bring into your everyday awareness and  basically you can make it part of your everyday life. There is a simplicity to it. It’s about having an ‘conscious awareness’ (and this is the important bit, as many people go around our everyday life on auto pilot) in our living life.

Because we live in a massive mind-based world, we seem to be constantly in our heads. We have something like 60,000 thoughts a day.

This disconnect can stop us from listening to our body reactions and sensitivities.

For example, you may be having a conversation with someone and they say something to you which triggers you to react with hurt or anger inside.

The invitation then is to ask yourself ‘why am I triggered here?’ ‘what is it about what they said that really got to me?’ and you can then change your whole bodily reaction in a few moments whilst still having the conversation.

“Thoughts lead to feelings”

Another example would be if you constantly had that ‘dread in your belly’ on a Monday morning before going to work. You can ask yourself

‘what is this all about?’ ‘why do I feel this way?’ ‘how can I change my perspective so I feel better? or ‘how can I make the steps towards changing my working hours or my job so I feel excited to go to work?

Enjoying the simplicity of life

And how can you make the ordinary, extraordinary? Many people dislike the daily routine of cooking, cleaning, driving, working.

But what if you looked at everything differently?

“look at life as if you are seeing it for the first time”

There is something beautiful in looking at something as if you have seen it for the first time. Just pick up a piece of fruit and gaze at the wonder of it’s shape, it’s taste, its feel, its smell……

Let your life be like a flowing river

I like to describe my life as a flowing river. Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s turbulent, sometimes it’s rippling, sometimes the water pulls me under and sometimes I get stuck on a rock. But I just keep letting go and letting the river take me where it needs to go.


Meditation is a form of ‘coming home to yourself’. It’s about finding that quiet inside by becoming more aware of the body and the breath. When you meditate regularly, you will begin to make this a part of your life.