Listening to the Natural Rhythm and Flow of my Body


I’ve been back from my holiday for two weeks now. Whilst I was away, I gave myself permission to just relax, without any ‘shoulds’. I didn’t even go sightseeing. My husband and I just really enjoyed doing very little. What was really interesting for me was that I noticed when I came back, I had a deep feeling of tiredness in my body, almost as if I didn’t want to move. In the past, I would completely have ignored this message from my body and tried to override it, at the expense of my health.

‘Trusting and allowing myself to give myself what I need’

So this time, I did something different. I went with it. Instead of rushing around unpacking, washing, tidying, answering emails etc etc, I just did what was necessary and in between I slept and sat and almost continued as if I was still on holiday. I even continued to read the book I was absorbing on holiday.

What I realised was, this wasn’t me trying to gain a few extra days of holiday or procrastinate from getting things done. It was actually an integration period back into everyday life.

I found after a few days back, that my energy levels naturally began to rise and all the tasks that needed to get done were completed much more efficiently than if I had to drag myself or push myself through them if I had tried to get them done a few days before.

I’m realising more and more that when I listen to the natural rhythm and flow of my being,  that I fall into a more natural ease. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still challenged but it’s as if by giving myself permission to be slower,  a natural unfolding arises.

I also feel more grounded and focused which helps me to be more present which is totally to the headless chicken mode of the past. I’m noticing my breath more too and this has a natural rhythm and flow.  And I’m really enjoying my breath, it’s comforting and soothing for my soul.

So here I am back in the world and feeling so grateful and in love with life.