Glorious Woman Mentoring Group


 A Glorious Woman allows herself to be in her fullness. She flourishes when she nurtures herself. She comes alive when she lives her wildness.

She frees herself when she takes her rightful place in the world” (Kim Rossi)

Commencing January 2020 – Glorious Woman Mind Body Mentoring Programme

 I will lead you forward into a beautiful new way of being that lifts you, inspires you, motivates you and makes you feel more alive.

“Flourishing Naturally”

How it works

The Glorious Woman Mentoring Programme is for you if you are committed and ready for Transformational Change. It is a six month long course and it consists of the following:-

Group Workshops (approximately eight women)

Personal Development, Self-discovery.

A Workbook and CD to encourage you to move through your transitional journey

Explore – Enliven – Enrich and Empower Yourself

What will be covered during the Course

Women’s Health and vitality

Self Worth


Body image

Relationship with food

Relationship with yourself and others

Trusting yourself

Nourishing and Nurturing yourself



“You are so worth it”

Is this programme right for you?

You will need to be committed to the full programme as this will bring the best results for your life.

For any questions or to if you wish to book please contact Kim Rossi on 07940 311061 email: