Winter Self Care and Attuning to the Season


‘Step inside the sanctuary of stillness and listen, look after your body, give yourself self care’

I often hear people complain about the weather. It’s either too hot or too cold or too damp. But I actually feel that embracing and attuning to all of the seasons and all weathers rather than resisting them, can benefit your health and wellbeing.

Self Care and Nourishment are vital to health

I feel it’s important to reflect on the fact that we are part of nature and if we can synchronise and align ourselves with whatever is happening ‘out there’, then we can be more in balance in our life.

In winter, the energy is of a deep stillness. In Nature, everything is closed down. The energy moves down into the earth. Some animals hibernate, the trees are bare and there is a sense of rest and quiet in all of this.

Now, if we can attune this to our lives and take more time out, more rest, and more stillness, then we will reap the benefits. Use this time wisely to close down, and store your energy.

Winter is a time to wrap yourself up, go for gentle walks, light candles, sit in front of the fire, go to bed early, get plenty of rest and nurture yourself.

It’s important to look at the food you put in your body. Eat warming foods to nourish and restore. Make Soups, Stews and cook your food slowly. Eat fruit and vegetables that are in season so you can align your body with the season.

Use this as a time of deep reflection. Listen to the inner still small voice that resides within you.

‘When you sit quietly, the body is more able to let go. When you take slow deep breaths, you are instantly nourished’

If you can harness your energy in winter, then you are more ready for the spring where your ideas and plans for your life can blossom and bloom, ready for the fullness of summer and the Harvest of Autumn. Then the whole cycle begins again.

Give yourself this gift. Because your life is worth it.