Deep rest and nurturing


Deep rest and nurturing will sustain and hold you

When I was doing some gardening,  this morning, I noticed some weeds I had pulled out the day before. They had only been out of the ground for about 12 hours and yet they were dead and limp. Whenever I think about the earth and the deep rich soil, it reminds me of my own life and how beneficial it is for me to nurture my own roots.

So I’ve compiled a list of what works for me and this serves as a reminder to myself of what I need.

Self Love – Self Appreciation – Wholesome Food – time in nature – hot baths – water – silence – deep breathing – friendships – beauty – my family – my animals – my home – my husband – massage – slowing down (and there are many more).

These are all just as important as doing tasks and being focused on the ‘doing’ . I’ve found that by putting time in my diary every week for these acts of daily devotion, my life is much rich and wholesome.

Feed and water yourself like a plant

Just as when you love a plant, feed it, water it and nourish it, it grows. You can literally see the bouncing life force emanating from its leaves. The endless possibilities available for your life and your health allow you to open up to look after yourself. You can be the plant shining, open, healthy, well fed, well nourished and nurtured and loved.