Daily wisdom – Allowing the beauty of life in


‘Life has a richness and beauty – allow yourself to notice all of it.’

I have been extremely fortunate to give a blessing at my daughter’s wedding recently. I spent a lot of time pondering and wondering what words of wisdom I could give to the happy couple that would sustain them as they moved forward into their married life together.

A few days before the wedding I went for a walk with my dog Bonnie. I am blessed to live in the countryside where I am surrounded by miles of bridleways  and walks.

On this particular day as it was very early in the morning, I looked into the distance and saw the most beautiful mist rising from the earth. As I continued on my walk and more light came into the day, I witnessed the sky changing colour and I stood in wonder and awe at this most beautiful gift from Mother Nature.

Now on other days, especially when I am really busy, I miss the beauty because I am in my head thinking of all the things I need to do. But on this occasion, I thought to myself  ‘I am allowing myself to absorb this into my whole being’. And I absolutely intend to do it as much as possible.

And when it came to the wedding blessing,  I told the the bride and groom and of the guests my story of the walk in the nature. I invited them that they could bring this into any areas of their life, particularly their relationships.

Have you ever looked at someone as if for the first time? It’s a wonderful opportunity for something new to happen. You can do it with your partner, your children and even your animals. Look at them with new eyes. Absorb the beauty into your whole being.  Use all of your senses to feel them, breathe them, see them. Allow yourself to be a receptor.  Be grateful. Instead of looking for what’s wrong with them, look at all that is right with them and you will notice a shift.


Breathe in life. Life is here now and it’s just the best thing ever.