There are many things that you can choose to be anxious, fearful or worried about in the world right now. Notice how I use the word ‘choose’ here. Because you can also choose to be joyful and grateful about your life without it being dependant on what’s happening in the world or your…(Read More)

If you’re feeling unsupported, place your back against a tree. If you’re feeling scattered and ungrounded, lay on the earth. If your breath is shallow or congested, breathe in the fresh air. If you’re feeling blocked, climb a hill or a mountain. If you’re feeling sad, listen to the birds singing…(Read More)

Being with the Unknown


The past few months has been a time of uncertainty and not knowing for so many people. We have all had to learn to navigate through these storms and it’s been a challenging time. What has really helped me is the deep connection I have with myself. Just like a ship in any storm…(Read More)

Hello everyone. Here are some seasonal tips to keep you happy and healthy. Autumn is a time of letting go and slowing down as we move into more yin. Getting lots of sleep as our bodies are naturally acclimatising to this season will help you to stay healthy. The colours of Autumn are absolutely stunning…(Read More)

Nourishing the Yin


Let yourself rest so the body can reset itself Drop into the Heart of Winter In Chinese Medicine Theory this is the time of year where the invitation is to go inside, rest and reflect. It is said that whatever is happening in nature is also happening in your body and being. In the winter…(Read More)

Deep rest and nurturing will sustain and hold you When I was doing some gardening,  this morning, I noticed some weeds I had pulled out the day before. They had only been out of the ground for about 12 hours and yet they were dead and limp. Whenever I think about the earth and the…(Read More)

‘Life has a richness and beauty – allow yourself to notice all of it.’ I have been extremely fortunate to give a blessing at my daughter’s wedding recently. I spent a lot of time pondering and wondering what words of wisdom I could give to the happy couple that would sustain them as they moved…(Read More)

I’ve been back from my holiday for two weeks now. Whilst I was away, I gave myself permission to just relax, without any ‘shoulds’. I didn’t even go sightseeing. My husband and I just really enjoyed doing very little. What was really interesting for me was that I noticed when I came back…(Read More)

Going on a Yoga Retreat is the perfect way to rest and rejuvenate ‘Come with me and rest awhile Lay down your weary head and smile Stretch yourself out and give yourself space Let life be slow and end the race’ (Kim Rossi) When was the last time you really took time out for yourself…(Read More)

Lighten up and fly high


‘When life gets you down, walk towards your bliss’ You know how to make yourself feel good don’t you? You know what gives you pleasure and opens you up to life don’t you? Then here’s an experiment for you:- Create a list of  things that give you joy and commit to doing…(Read More)