Autumn Health, Letting Go and Moving Inwards


Hello everyone. Here are some seasonal tips to keep you happy and healthy. Autumn is a time of letting go and slowing down as we move into more yin. Getting lots of sleep as our bodies are naturally acclimatising to this season will help you to stay healthy. The colours of Autumn are absolutely stunning and nature is showing us so much beauty. Wrapping up warm and going for walks in the countryside will also help your nervous system to relax. Be conscious of your breath and take in the air into your lungs and appreciating all that life has to offer, whatever is going in for you in your life. It’s time to bring warmer foods into your diet. Eat vegetables that are in season and also garlic and ginger which are particularly good for the lungs. In your yoga practice, twists, side stretches, backbends and warrior will help to keep your immune system nice and strong. Also practice sitting in meditation and following your breath. Give yourself permission to rest and you will really notice the benefits to overall wellbeing. Have a lovely Autumn, it truly is a majestic season.