Allowing and cultivating Joy in your life



There are many things that you can choose to be anxious, fearful or worried about in the world right now. Notice how I use the word ‘choose’ here. Because you can also choose to be joyful and grateful about your life without it being dependant on what’s happening in the world or your individual circumstances.

So how do you do this you may ask? First of all, when you wake up first thing in the morning before you even open your eyes, become aware of your heart and allow a gentle smile to light up your face. Then throughout the day, make a point of noticing everything that makes you feel joyful, happy or grateful. You will be surprised at how much wonder and gorgeousness you already have. It could be something really simple, like wrapping your hands around a mug of hot tea or noticing something in your home that gives you pleasure, or really letting it in, when someone gives you a compliment or a smile or a kind word. When you get into bed you may wish to go over all the joyful moments of the day. It’s literally like building a muscle. The more you notice it and allow it, the more it will become a part of you.

‘Allow yourself to be joy and watch what happens’

Another tip is make sure that you ‘follow your heart’. By that I mean ‘do what you love’. What lights up your heart? What makes it worth getting out of bed for in the morning? Give yourself the gift.

Most importantly ‘Be like a child’. See the world through child’s eyes, the absolute awe and wonder at the simplest of things.

When you connect to joy, it plugs you into the flow of energy that runs through everything, making you feel more alive and vibrant.

‘Joy is your true nature’