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My style of teaching has come from a sensitivity and awareness of what each individual really needs in each moment. In this way, there is no pressure or competition to be flexible or really ‘good’ at yoga. This isn’t what Creative Yoga is about and that’s why it’s suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.


“Thanks for the class yesterday, Kim. Calming and brilliant, as ever. Tuesday yoga has become a really powerful positive space for me this year, so thank you.  Hannah W, Nottingham x


“As long as you can get down on a mat and you are willing to explore where you are, and how you are feeling, that is all that is required.”

Each class will always begin with sitting or lying down in stillness to settle the mind and body.

We will then begin to move through postures and explorations which are mainly based on the

Hatha yoga tradition with an emphasis on ‘listening in’ to your body with the intention of

releasing any stress or tension stored in the fascia and the cells.

             ‘Fluidity and Openness is your natural state – let me take you there’


The class will always end with guided relaxation to align you into your natural healing state.


“I find that Creative Yoga has the ability to touch, to move, to inspire and open up the body mind. Just connect to your body, your breath and your awareness and let everything else fall away.”

“I will gently guide you into your own unique flow. You will dive into the depths of your body, your breath and your whole being. From this space, you can expand outwards, radiating out to the world”.

“Love your Body
Breathe deep into your Body
Rest your Body
Move your Body
Open up your Body
Open up to Life”

A sanctuary of calm and harmony awaits

In celebration of women
Explore, Enliven, Enrich and Empower your life


Creative Yoga Classes
With Kim Rossi

Online Classes for Health and Vitality

Tuesday evenings at 6.30 pm and Friday mornings at 10.00

Don’t miss this opportunity to join in this evolutionary yoga and meditation practice to bring about transformational cellular health and wellness into your body.

My dear valued yoga family,

I wish to do all I can to support you in these challenging times that we now are now facing.
It is scientifically proven that Yoga and Meditation have a powerful effect on the immune system and your state of wellbeing.
So this is what I am offering right now.
 Weekly online yoga classes on Tuesday evenings at 6.30 pm and Friday mornings at 10.00 am at a cost of £7 per class  (to be booked in blocks of six for £37). Contact Kim Rossi to book:
The benefits for you and your life:

you will be able to feel grounded in your body

you will be able to strengthen your immune system

you will be able to calm your mind

you will be supported by me on a weekly basis where we will all show up together which is so much better than just watching a yoga video on you tube.

those of you who attend regularly will already be aware of how you feel after a class. I work very deeply with you. We get into the tissue, the bones, the organs, and to your whole being.

The classes will be via an online platform called Zoom. You just need to download the free app Zoom which is simple and easy to follow. Once you have registered with me, I will send you a link which you just click on at the allocated
time and we will be live together.
‘When you can find the silence and stillness within, you can rest amidst any storm’ (Kim Rossi)
Looking forward to us all being together😀

To support your online classes I also hold regular two hour workshops in Nottingham. (please email me to join my mailing list for further details:

“I like the calmness of your workshops and focusing on bringing more joy, positivity and happiness into our lives 😍”
Pauline, Nottingham

Julien Cahn Pavilion,
Loughborough Road,
West Bridgford, Nottingham

Suitable for all levels.
Classes on a pay as you go or in blocks. Please email or call before attending.


My Yoga Background

I have been on my own personal journey to health and emotional wellbeing for the past 15 years and in that time I have gained so much knowledge and insight into the value of health and wellbeing.
I originally began my exploration of Yoga alongside my brother Jay Rossi. With Jay, I trained in Vinyasa Yoga/Kashmir Yoga. From this, I have a greater understanding of body alignment, the breath and imagery.
I now teach my own form of Creative Yoga which is an exploration in itself. I teach my students to have an understanding and a ‘feel’ for their breath, their bodies, their mind and their emotions.
I draw on my teachings in Yoga, as well as my studies of Pilates, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Anatomy and Physiology, Taoism, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP.
I regularly hold Yoga Retreats in the UK and Europe. I have also lectured in Health and Wellbeing for P & O Cruises and have taught Workshops for Sunflower Retreats in Italy.
I have written health and emotional articles for a local magazine and have also appeared on TV and Radio as a Health and Emotional Wellbeing Specialist.
I love working with all age groups because you are literally never too young or too old to start practicing yoga.
I have a warm and friendly approach to my teaching and I encourage my students to ‘be accepting of themselves exactly where they are’. All I ask for is full presence to their mind, body and breath during the class. That’s the simplicity and beauty of Yoga. It’s all about being in the present moment.


Benefits of Creative Yoga

Calms and relaxes the body and mind
Re-aligns and improves posture
Improves blood circulation and enhances immune function
Encourages strong healthy bones and flexible joints
Helps to rebalance all of the major systems in the body
May help to alleviate health problems such as: depression, anxiety, back neck and shoulder pain, IBS, arthritis, and insomnia.


Strong – Soft – Open – Flexible – Alive – Peaceful – Expansive – Still – Aligned – Fluid – Happy

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it” (Osho)

…and a little more yoga to it (Kim)


To learn more read my client reviews or get in touch.